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Well hi! My name is Neko. And I am little/cub in the BDSM community. Known as Ageplay and Kitty play. Let me indulge on that. Whenever I'm in a safe environment, mostly at home, I digress myself to the mind set of a child. Which is usually 8. And act as such. Nothing I do... Continue Reading →

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The Doom, Life of the Neko 02/11-02/12

So today is the day. The final battle, 12 deities, 12 armies 1,001 strong, with the deities themselves backing up their armies. The players had a simple choice, choose a side or be killed on the spot. Simple right? Not with my players. The majority argued and bombarded me with questions. With all the yelling... Continue Reading →

The Life of the Neko Week update

I do apologize to everyone, this past week has been hellish. None of it work related. Just the same ole' same ole'. Nevertheless, here's the load down. Lately I've been missing my little sister. She's technically half blood, but I couldn't ask for a better sister. I've been calling my stepmom to try to talk... Continue Reading →

The Drunken Neko 02/03

So after work I went to a friends house and picked up my stoned and drunk Onii-daddy. Earlier today he got cookies and cream vodka, fireball whiskey, and the strawberry cream tecillia. I know I misspelled that, even my tablet is like, "What the hell are you trying to type?!" When we got home, I... Continue Reading →

Life of the Neko 01/31-02/01

So the last day of January I got my w2 and 1092-C. Or whatever the insurance one is. So yay I can do my taxes. Going to a guy next Thursday. I'm a bit skeptical because I can claim my onii-daddy as a dependant, from what I am told. But he's under guardianship and on... Continue Reading →

The Adulting Little 01/30

So at work I overheard a coworker looking for a place to live. I told her about us having a room available and how much the rent is. She's moving in tomorrow~ Woo~ At home I had pizza and soda and watched 2 episodes of Skin Wars, the 2nd season. It was funny to watch... Continue Reading →

Littling out~ 01/28

So today, my onii-daddy and myself were picked up by his aunt to go to a wedding. It was about an hour drive, so I worked on my own drawing. I messed up on the proportions, it's supposed to look more shotacon. But it looks more like a shortish adult. But I am proud of... Continue Reading →

Life of the Little Adult

Today was just horrid. Yes it was a light load, but even I have my weak points. And they always put me on these aisles that other people plug so horribly that they leave it to me to fix it all. I didn't fix anything. Had help towards the end to finish things up, but... Continue Reading →

The Life of the Adulting Little

Oh my, I am sorry for being gone for so long. This week has been crazy. Well sorta. Stayed up nearly all night with onii-daddy for his EMG..EMI...brain scan thingy to see if he still has seizers. So I called in that day. Work's been okay. I've just been buisy with this commission. I started... Continue Reading →

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